Let’s work together to create a new life in Health, Love and Joy

I understand that to get to where you are now, a successful leader in your organisation with a thriving career or business, required a lot of time, effort and incredible amount of pressure, which often resulted to compromising your health, relationships and happiness.

You have tried mainstream medical treatments and therapeutic approaches to address these issues but with temporary to no improvement.

Now you are ready for a more sustainable approach towards wellness – physically, emotionally and energetically.


Yes! You are ready for a sustainable LIFE 2.0!

Customised Plans for Your Specific Goals

Each of us has different starting points and goals. Our physical bodies, life history and holistic health systems are also constructed individually. As a result, when you come  work with me, together we will design a unique and effective care & development plan for you that works toward your specific goals: What kind of life that you would like to wake up to everyday?

My Story

Meet Daisy, certified holistic kinesiologist

I’m Daisy. I am a certified Holistic Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine practitioner in the complementary health and wellness industry. I specialise in supporting and empowering accomplished men and women to expand their success to health, love and joys: a Life 2.0!

With a corporate finance background, I know exactly the amount of physical, mental and emotional pressure required to achieve success in corporate environment. Since overcoming my personal health crisis and relationship breakdown 6 years ago, I have personally helped hundreds of clients release chronic health issues, physical pain, stress & anxiety and relationship obstacles.

Clients that come to me are sick and tired of temporary solutions to chronic pain and stress. After working with me, a lot of them moved from decades of chronic pains and stresses to now living in health, harmonious relationships and inner joy.

My Approach

My passion and mission is to help people be in touch with their emotions in order to empower their holistic health so they can live and lead an open-hearted, happy and fulfilling life.

Ultimately, my clients reclaim their holistic health, connect to their loving heart and become the true CEO of their life, a mindful and happiness lifestyle.

If your successful life is not giving you the fulfillment you want, then it’s time to make a shift to expand that success to all aspects of your life.

Unique & Sustainable Framework

I expected my clients to achieve sustainable results. Instead of just treating the symptoms, our big breakthrough came when I used my knowledge and experience to help my clients navigate the web of interconnected factors and systems in order to identify the root cause of their problems then address the issues at the source.

My clients trust me because I truly believe in them and I empower them to overcome any challenges and block in achieving their goals.

Client Experience

“ I felt I have such a deeper sense of inner strength and genuine connection to myself again, which I felt that I lost. I appreciated all that Daisy offered. She has such an incredible vast understanding of human emotions and experience. I would recommend anyone to see Daisy. She is just living prove and she practices what she preaches”

      Alana Dell 

Recovered from Knees osteoarthritis

I came to Daisy because I wanted to explore what goes underneath my body. Daisy has excellent counselling skills she asked the right questions from the start as a result this helped established where we should focus and work on immediately. She is highly intuitive worker and healer. Her reassuring and gentle guidance assisted a smooth yet profound process I could not have imagined. Daisy took me to the gates of realisation hence the transformation for me was instant. After the sessions I felt so relieved and reassured of my inner strength and it gave me the reasons to speak up and never suppress thoughts and emotions again.

Joy Chou
Recovered from throat and voice issues

Daisy is a very passionate and knowledgeable practitioner, she creates such a safe and nurturing environment, it's very easy to trust and surrender to the healing process. To me, Kinesiology is more than just a tool to help us cope, I believe it's one of the most effective healing modalities that goes to the very core, the origin of any 'wounding' we carry around with us, whether we know it or not. Kinesiology works with our body's wisdom and Daisy encourages you to take charge of your own healing together with her guidance and expertise, it is very empowering.

Jill Psenitza
CEO_ Embody Yourself

I’ve suffered from Jaw pain and tension resulting in migraines (masseter muscle) for many years, previously the only source of temporary relief was obtained by botox to relax the muscles or pain relief medication. Daisy was able to help me relieve the jaw pain, clenching, and relax the muscle without the use of any traditional western medicines while helping me better understand the source of the pain and why it occurs holistically and mindfully. She has provided me with the tools to deal with any recurring pain and associated emotions. Since seeing Daisy, the pain and tension improved by 80%. I have not required the need for pain medication since or alternate therapies. I could not thank Daisy enough in assisting me in finding an answer to pain I imagined I would need to deal with for life.

Gisele Zanier
Recovered from 18 years of chronic jaw pain & migraine / Parks Assets Officer, The Hills Shire Council

Daisy ensures a safe, relaxing and beautiful space for you to reconnect, recharge and reinvigorate the soul.

Nicholle Sparkes
General Manager / Frasers Property Group

Daisy is amazing! She is very patient, kind and intuitive. She's always very gentle in guiding me to investigate what is affecting my mental and physical health. Working with her, I feel very safe and honoured. She is very passionate and professional about her work, highly recommended.

Yiwen Chen
Hypnotherapist / Love from the Divine

I'm grateful for the work I have done with Daisy. She helped me through a painful break-up after an 8 years relationship, from which I thought I would never love again. I now got married to a woman who is compatible with me and our relationship based on love and respect. I couldn't have done that without Daisy's support... She is intuitive and gentle but also assertive to give me a nudge when my limiting beliefs need to be challenged.

Henry Nguyen
Investment Executive / MB Securities

Daisy, thank you! Going into each session is always the unknown and walking away always feels truly amazing! You have such a gift and I thank you for your professional and honest guidance on this journey.

Lisa Forrest
Founder and CEO / The Tasting Plate

Daisy is an amazing therapist and healer! She is knowledgeable, observant and has a pure intention to help and serve others. I highly recommend her services!

Anna Tong
Teacher and Founder of the Anna Tong’s Podcast

Daisy is a very intuitive healer. I love how she's able to combine Western medicine and Eastern practices as a Kinesiologist. Our work together made a huge difference in my wellbeing and my life.

Ness Redubla

I highly recommend Daisy’s therapy. She is enthusiastic and highly committed to help along every step of the journey. Having that support makes all the difference when things become fuzzy and difficult.

Juan Carlos Alarcon

I came to Daisy with zero expectations. I was in awe of how powerful and life-changing her sessions were for me. Daisy has helped me unlock and deal with aspects of my past that years of traditional therapy had failed me.

Daisy is passionate and professional and above all else 100% committed to helping her clients.

Skye Curran
Personal Assistant / Frasers Property Group

I initially first went to see Daisy because I knew there was more. More to life, more to me. I kept tripping over the same things. Working together with Daisy uncovered many blocks and limiting beliefs in which I thought had been resolved, Daisy holds up a mirror and walks alongside of you through it all. The benefits of releasing these are beyond describable. Living life true to myself is magical and this impacts my life as a whole in a positive way. In the last 6 months, I have seen great results in my wellbeing, relationship and career. Freedom has been a stand out for me. I feel free to express myself authentically and effectively.  I couldn't recommend Daisy more, she is an Angel, there is always a surprise element and it's so rewarding - after each session is liberation!

Tina Safarian
Head Of Corporate Sales / Hunter Motive Group

For years, I had been stuck at a job that no longer served my purpose, the environment was toxic and had severely impacted my self-confidence in shifting my career. I had invested a lot into refining my skills and growing my professional profile, however, I wasn't able to land the positions I wanted. I also suffered from chronic fatigue for more than 10 years.
After 3 months of deep therapy, I finally had the courage to take action on what I knew I had to do: Make a leap of faith and trust that things would be alright. I ended up resigning without a new job, and it was a daunting experience. I needed it though, I very much needed time to recover and value myself.
Six months later, I can see the importance of that transition time. I feel a lot more energetic. I also found a job that gives me the freedom I sought, yet is challenging and motivating.

Marina Smith
University Lecturer

I came to Andrew & Daisy when I found relationships were so exhausting like an emotional rollercoaster. I would do everything my partner wanted and never honoured myself so I resented them.

The work with Andrew & Daisy helped me see my relationship patterns and learn to own my part of the breakdown. I also learnt to be present and enjoy time with my partner now and not get lost in the fairytale future.

Jenelle Lymer
Customer Service Coordinator / Qantas Airways Limited

Daisy is such an amazing therapist. She is super intuitive and she has a golden heart. She is always supportive and she also encourages me to go deeper into finding my truths. Everyone who is working with her will be in very safe and good hands. I found the knowing of who I really am and got the clarity of my boundary. I have the strength and courage to really speak up my truth now.

Claire Lu
Financial Planning and Analysis Manager / Hologic Incorporation

I feel so much more relaxed after every session with Daisy. I used to feel stressed about having confronting conversation and speaking up my mind especially in my relationship. I feel really at peace now and I am confident in having constructive discussion. I highly recommend working with Daisy.

Wiebke Zimdars
Industry Placement Consultant / Navitas International

Let's get started with your LIFE 2.0!

If your successful life is not giving you the fulfillments you want, then it’s time to make a shift to expand that success to all aspects of your life.  

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