Let’s work together to support your child building a strong foundation to a thriving future. 

Personally, I experienced severe bullying and anxiety during my childhood and school years. I know exactly the amount of physical, mental and emotional pressure that children experience to be both high achieving at school and socially accepted. As a result, I am making my childhood dream come true by guiding young clients to resolve bullying, anxiety, behavioural challenges, digestive and sleep conditions so they can thrive and enjoy this precious time of their lives.

Clients that come to me are tired of temporary solutions to their children’s health and wellbeing and they are ready for a more sustainable approach towards wellness – physically, emotionally and energetically.

After working with me children feel healthy, joyful and confident. Furthermore, I empower them to communicate their needs and emotions effectively with their parents, teachers and friends. They believe in themselves and know that they are loved and belong just as they are. 

Yes! Your child CAN step into life trusting they are destined for a THRIVING FUTURE in health, freedom and happiness!

Challenges I help children and their families with:

About Daisy

My Approach

Combining my knowledge and experience supporting hundreds of families, I intuitively guides my clients to navigate the complex interconnectedness of the physical, emotional and energetic factors that show up as disease, stress or behavioural issues. I dives deep into the root cause and snips the issue at the source resulting in permanent breakthroughs. As a result, the family unites into creating a sustainable, healthy, joyful life, and boldly embracing their fullest love and happiness.

Unique & Sustainable Framework

My work is a bespoke fusion of balancing the nervous system, building emotional resilience and developing a sustainable lifestyle that promote holistic health and wellbeing. 

When I work with children, I normally wear three hats. One as a friend, the other as a therapist, and the third, as a guide. Those hats allow my young clients to share with me what’s going on with them, receive guidance and voluntarily make changes in their lives. I also collaborate with trusted doctors, psychologists, chiropractors and naturopaths when necessary so we can assist your child’s holistic needs.

My clients trust me because I love children and I stand by them every steps of the way in overcoming any obstacles and stepping into a thriving future. 

Customised Care Plans for Your child

Our children are unique and full of wonders. As a result, when you come  work with me, together we will design a best-suited and effective care & development plan for your child that works toward your specific health and wellbeing goals: What is the sustainable future that you want for your child?

What parents are saying

“ I appreciated the support that Daisy offered for me and my daughter. In the past, she used to have nosebleeds everyday and I didn’t know the reason until working with Daisy. After finding out and treating the cause, Nikki is no longer bleeding or feeling anxious around other people. She is able to communicate clearly with other kids at school, make friends and ask for help from the teacher. She is a lot more confident now. I would recommend anyone to see Daisy.”

      Claire, Nikki’s mum

“I brought my children to come and see Daisy because they were experiencing bloating and fussy eating. Daisy was very clever to encourage them to eat a colourful range of food and veges while resolving their indigestion. She made difficult conversations with the kids look easy and they followed her guidance in daily life.”

Nicole & Mark, Harley and Chloe’s parents

“I can’t thank Daisy enough for her care of my family. I saw Daisy for my fatigue in the past then I brought my daughter in to see her when I found out she was bullied in her first year at primary school. If it wasn’t for Daisy, I would have quit my job and home-schooled my child immediately. Daisy supported both of us the whole way. She gently calmed Lucy and helped her release the trauma. She also taught Lucy to understand that what happened wasn’t her fault. Lucy also learned how to respond to her classmates differently and ask for help from the teachers. I’m so grateful that my child developed resilience and she is now confident at school with good friends. Thank you so much Daisy!”

Natalie and daughter Lucy

“Daisy helped my 8-year old boy with his sleeping difficulties. He used to be very sensitive and had disrupted sleep since he was a baby. He also felt quite frightened sleeping in his own bed. After seeing Daisy, his sleep changed dramatically as he can fall to sleep much easier and stay asleep till early in the morning. I also noticed that he is less sensitive to light and noise now; his occasional headaches have disappeared too. His ability to focus has also improved after 3 months working with her. I’m very happy with his progress and highly recommend Daisy.”

Amanda, Will’s mother

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