Let’s unlock the key to finding your dream partner so you can thrive in a loving, supportive and harmonious relationship.

From Relationship Struggles to Wholehearted Relationship


Does this sound like you?

  • You are a Lover at heart and you deeply desire a fulfilling relationship in all levels.
  • You are looking for that dream partner with whom you feel free to be yourself and accepted & loved all in all. He/ she is your soulmate, your best friend, the person to walk with you in all walks of life. 
  • You are tired of going from dates to dates and online datings that attracted mismatched folks, which led you questioning yourself “Will true love ever happen to me?”
  • You are ready to clear whatever holding you back to open yourself for that wholehearted relationship.
  • No more of old unsatisfied relationship patterns, You are ready to Break Free and become A Magnetic Attractor!

YES! You can have this!

  • A harmonious, supportive and nurturing relationships where your partner meets you half way and you two are an unstoppable and loving team.
  • Feeling truly liberated from all past hurts, you’re OPEN for love to come in.
  • Becoming the Magnetic Attractor naturally. You don’t have to be like anyone else, You found your attracting love and meaningful connections with ease
  • Loving and nourishing myself with gentle care and relaxation 

If you’re nodding along saying “Yes!” and your heart’s beating strong with a beam of Hope then WHOLEHEARTED RELATIONSHIP IS FOR YOU!

Let’s make a SHIFT together!



Here’s what some of the beautiful men and women we’ve had the honour of supporting in the past have to say about our journey together …

  • Henry Newman: I’m grateful for the work I have done with Daisy. She helped me through a painful break up after an 8-years relationship, from which I thought I would never love again. She coached me to regain my confidence. I now got married with a woman who is compatible with me and our relationship based on love and respect. I couldn’t have done that without Daisy’s support… She is intuitive and gentle but also assertive to give me a nudge when my limiting beliefs need to be challenged.
  • Natalie Simpson: Daisy is an amazing and wholehearted therapist who always ensures a safe space for clients. I used to feel I can’t trust men due to previous relationships. However, she supported me working through my trust issue and be able to recover myself trust. I now attract high quality men in dating and enjoy the process.
  • Katherine Morris: When I first came to see Daisy, I thought I lost hope in relationship and family at the age of 45. After working with her for nearly a year to release my past trauma and hurts from previous relationships, I’m able to reconnect with my passion for love. I felt good about myself and I attracted a safe and loving partner.

This program is by application only – and space is limited!

Wholehearted Relationship isn’t your standard relationship training

It is A COMPLETE UPLEVEL, let’s say goodbye to shallow quick fix and tips

  • It combines the conscious, sub-conscious and the relationship strategy.
  • It’s NOT a one-side-fit-all program. We see your UNIQUE life story, lover archetype and brilliance. Our job is not to make you look like a hot figure in social media. We’re here to activate your ULTIMATE ATTRACTOR.
  • It takes a DEEP approach that will transform you in all level: past hurts, belief systems and energy.
  • It combines face to face and online training to maximise the results for your time and effort.
  • It bespokes fusion of our expertise in Coaching, Psychotherapy, Kinesiology, Matrix Therapy, Character Structures (and more) to support you dive deep and radically transform.
  • It integrates the best from Andrew and I and our relationship: How we found each other? How we keep the fire? How do we navigate dating and relationship from a man and a woman perspective? You have the BEST OF BOTH WORLD!

True Love manifests in reality when you show up with definite wholeness, trust and self-worth

WHOLEHEARTED RELATIONSHIP is your path to get there

Meet your guide: Andrew & Daisy

I’m Daisy, the feminine factor of Wholehearted Relationship.

I’m a holistic wellbeing catalyst who ignites breakthroughs for hundreds of high-achieving women and families by transforming their unconscious and dysfunctional cycles and reviving their optimum health, love and happiness.

My client usually referred to me as the magician and a powerhouse. I integrate the best of Kinesiology, Core Energetics and Family Therapy to intuitively guides my clients to navigate the complex interconnectedness of the physical, emotional and energetic factors that show up as relationship blocks, frustrations or break ups. I then dive deep into the root cause and snips the issue at the source resulting in permanent breakthroughs. So many of my clients are now in committed and healthy relationships while some are married and having children.

Meet Andrew Ramsden, who holds the force for our masculine energy.

I’m is a highly acclaimed leadership and life coach with over 20 years experience, having guided thousands of leaders around Australia from individuals, small businesses, all the way up government organisations.

As a life coach, I empowered my clients to build and maintain passionate, whole-hearted relationships and interestingly, my leadership clients often report how their development has improved their romantic relationships also! I’m known for taking complexity and chaos and reducing it down to just the critical steps you need to take to succeed, no more, no less. If you are sick of the complexity of dating and relationship you’re in luck, I’m going to show us the way.

Together, we helped hundreds of men and women to:

  • Resolve past trauma and hurts from previous relationships
  • Restore their self confidence and build their magnetic presence
  • Radiate love and attract relationships with confidence and ease
  • Become the best version of themselves and co-create a fulfilling life with their partners.

We will help you radiate your UNIQUE LOVE ATTRACTOR!

It’s time to radically letting go of old relationship patterns,

totally change the way you see yourself and relationship,

AND claim your MAGNIFICIENCE and the RELATIONSHIP you deserve

Jump in with both feet

It’s time to receive your


Client Experience

“ I felt I have such a deeper sense of inner strength and genuine connection to myself again, which I felt that I lost. I appreciated all that Daisy offered. She has such an incredible vast understanding of human emotions and experience. I would recommend anyone to see Daisy. She is just living prove and she practices what she preaches”

      Alana Dell 

Recovered from Knees osteoarthritis

I came to Daisy because I wanted to explore what goes underneath my body. Daisy has excellent counselling skills she asked the right questions from the start as a result this helped established where we should focus and work on immediately. She is highly intuitive worker and healer. Her reassuring and gentle guidance assisted a smooth yet profound process I could not have imagined. Daisy took me to the gates of realisation hence the transformation for me was instant. After the sessions I felt so relieved and reassured of my inner strength and it gave me the reasons to speak up and never suppress thoughts and emotions again.

Joy Chou
Recovered from throat and voice issues

Daisy is a very passionate and knowledgeable practitioner, she creates such a safe and nurturing environment, it's very easy to trust and surrender to the healing process. To me, Kinesiology is more than just a tool to help us cope, I believe it's one of the most effective healing modalities that goes to the very core, the origin of any 'wounding' we carry around with us, whether we know it or not. Kinesiology works with our body's wisdom and Daisy encourages you to take charge of your own healing together with her guidance and expertise, it is very empowering.

Jill Psenitza

I’ve suffered from Jaw pain and tension resulting in migraines (masseter muscle) for many years, previously the only source of temporary relief was obtained by botox to relax the muscles or pain relief medication. Daisy was able to help me relieve the jaw pain, clenching, and relax the muscle without the use of any traditional western medicines while helping me better understand the source of the pain and why it occurs holistically and mindfully. She has provided me with the tools to deal with any reoccurring pain and associated emotions. Since seeing Daisy, the pain and tension improved by 80%. I have not required the need for pain medication since or alternate therapies. I could not thank Daisy enough in assisting me in finding an answer to pain I imagined I would need to deal with for life..

Gisele Zanier
Recovered from 18 years of chronic jaw pain & migraine

Daisy ensures a safe, relaxing and beautiful space for you to reconnect, recharge and reinvigorate the soul.

Nicholle Sparkes
General Manager / Frasers Property Group

Daisy is amazing! She is very patient, kind and intuitive. She's always very gentle guiding me investigate what is affecting my mental and physical health. Working with her, I feel very safe and honoured. She is very passionated and professional about her work, highly recommended.

Yiwen Chen
Hypnotherapist / Love from the Divine

I'm grateful for the work I have done with Daisy. She helped me through a painful break-up after an 8 years relationship, from which I thought I would never love again. I now got married to a woman who is compatible with me and our relationship based on love and respect. I couldn't have done that without Daisy's support... She is intuitive and gentle but also assertive to give me a nudge when my limiting beliefs need to be challenged.

Henry Nguyen
Investment Executive / MB Securities

Daisy, thank you! Going into each session is always the unknown and walking away always feels truly amazing! You have such a gift and I thank you for your professional and honest guidance on this journey

Lisa Forrest
Founder and Owner / The Tasting Plate

Daisy is an amazing healer! She is knowledgeable, observant and has a pure intention to help and serve others. I highly recommend her services!

Anna Tong

Daisy is a very intuitive healer. I love how she's able to combine Western medicine and Eastern practices as a Kinesiologist. Glad I went in for a few sessions. Made a huge difference.

I highly recommend Daisy’s therapy. She is enthusiastic and highly committed to help along every step of the journey. Having that support makes all the difference when things become fuzzy and difficult.

Juan Carlos Alarcon

I came to Daisy with zero expectations. I was in awe of how powerful and life-changing her sessions were for me. Daisy has helped me unlock and deal with aspects of my past that years of traditional therapy had failed me.

Daisy is passionate and professional and above all else 100% committed to helping her clients.

Skye Curran
Personal Assistant / Frasers Property Group

Let's get started with your LIFE 2.0!

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