What is Kinesiology?

What is Kinesiology?

Have you been wondering what Holistic Kinesiology is all about?

Simply put, Holistic Kinesiology is the beautiful marriage of modern Western science and the ancient wisdom of Eastern medicine.

Complementary Medicine

Kinesiology is considered a complementary medicine. One that has originated from the chiropractic’s muscle-monitoring technique, which allows the practitioner to access both conscious and subconscious information from the client. This information, which comes via the client’s biofeedback system, is often directly related to the cause of the client’s existing illness/es, pain, anxiety, or stress that prevents the body from healing itself.

Why clients prefer Kinesiology over mainstream treatments?

Mainstream treatments often overlook the deep connection between the physical,  emotional, and energetic body. Even though modern research have demonstrated this link, the medical industry is slow to adapt and consolidate new findings to provide an integrated approach to health and wellnessresulting to temporary or no improvement on the client’s health. On the contrary, kinesiology discovers and make impacts on the underlying interconnectedness of the client’s physical, emotional and energetic well-being, which allow me to achieve powerful and sustainable results for my clients. What I want for my clients is a new sustainable life where they are free from pains and supported to live in health, love and happiness. It’s a new life 2.0!


Holistic Kinesiology as an integrated balance of West and East

Combining modern Western approaches: the best of modern psychology, neuroscience, biomechanics, nutrition, chiropractic; and Eastern medicine such as: Chinese medicine’s meridians, acupressure, reflexology, aromatherapy, and the Chakra healing system, Holistic Kinesiology is a well-integrated approach towards a sustainable, healthy and happy lifestyle.


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      Thanks a lot. Feel free to reach out if I can support you with your health and relationships.



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